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As intriguing as its name sounds, so is the town of Geroskipou. One may wonder what the significance in the name is and once discovered the beauty, mystery and love affair of the city can be identified.

Geroskipou is situated at the North-East of Pafos and is the second largest municipality in the Pafos District. It covers an area of nine square kilometers which includes the area down to the sea. According to local tradition, and as is implied in the etymology of the town's name, Geroskipou was the site, in Greek mythology, of the goddess Aphrodite's sacred gardens. Hence its name "holy garden". Aphrodite was said to have spent much of her time there, enjoying the tranquility of her natural surroundings and feasting off the fruits of the land. Donations, sacrifices and many other activities in honour of Aphrodite were taking place in this wonderful town. Currently even a cave in the village is called the "Bath of Aphrodite". Ancient pilgrims from Nea Paphos passed through Geroskipou before reaching the temple of Aphrodite at Kouklia.

In the centre of the town you will find Geroskipou square. It is a new rebuild square center with restaurants, bars, taverns, pizza restaurants, souvlaki restaurants and shops around the square. This is the actual area which used to be Aphrodite's garden.

The "Geroskipou Square Fountain" known as the Vrisi tis plateas was built one century ago in 1917 by the artist of the community Michalis Kontos. Water and flowers play a significant role in the platea rejoining the past with the present. The highlight of Geroskipou is the Agia Paraskevi Church, a well preserved and interesting Byzantine church. The beauty and uniqueness of this basilica is its three-aisled interior and five-domed exterior structure.

At the shops around the square you will find the most famous delicious sweets original Geroskipou Loukoumia. The Geroskipou Loukoumi is a soft, chewy, sugar-powder covered cubical sweet available in many flavours with or without nuts. The process of making it takes time and patience - indeed it is this which distinguishes the genuine delight from imitation products. Thus the wild beauty of the rocks, the serenity of the bright green fields and the tranquility of the stunning sea views render Geroskipou a well sought after place.

Places to visit in Geroskipou

Hellenistic Cemetery in the "Haskas" and the "Katarameni" places

In these neighbouring places are found graves of the Hellenistic and Roman periods hewed on the rocks. This archaeological place has been proclaimed as an "ancient monument" by the Antiquities Department.

The Sanctuary of Apollon LLatis

It is about a grave that been converted to a sanctuary, at least from the 5th century B.C., a period to which refers the two syllabically inscriptions that are found on the monument's rock. The sanctuary is hewed on the rock and is composed of two underground adjacent halls. The access towards them can be done through a gradual hewed road. The sanctuary had been discovered at the end of the 19th century. It is been proclaimed as an "ancient monument" by the Antiquities Department.

St. George and the lineal rocky Site

This historical place composed the chapel of St. George (one declivity church), a natural water-well, a hewed olive-press in the rock of the Roman period, graves hewed in the rocks (of the Hellenistic and Roman periods), as well as caves and other establishments, most probably remains of the medieval establishments that had been used as hermitages around the chapel of St. George.

The Church of Ayia Paraskevi

Basilica with three declivities and five domes that belongs to the 9th century A.D. It is the oldest basilica with five domes church that has been saved in Cyprus and one of the most significant churches of the Island. It is almost conserved integral to its original shape. It is probable that the Church might have been built up on the foundations of an ancient Greek pagan temple or a basilica old Christian church. There have been saved wall-paintings of various epochs. Some of them are from the most ancient of Cyprus, as those are dated in the 9th century. In the church's shrine there are few very remarkable icons which belong to the 15th century.

The chapel of Ayia Marina

One declivity arch-covered chapel which is found in the place of the new cemetery of Geroskipou. Probably, this present church could have been built up on the foundations of an older church.

The Folk Art Museum

It is sheltered in the mansion of Andreas and his son Smith or Hadjismith Zimlboulakis who from the end of the 18th century even till 1864 served as Vice-Consuls of England in Pafos. The stone-built mansion of Zimboulakis, two-storied and large for the datas of its time, constitute an excellent specimen of the Cyprus traditional architecture during the 2nd half of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. The house has been proclaimed as an "ancient monument" by the Antiquities Department, it has been reinstated and converted to a Folk Art Museum in 1978. There is exposed a great variety of ethnographic crafts from different areas of Cyprus.

Yeroskipos Aphrodisiac sandy beach

Aphrodisiac Sandy Beach is is 1km long beach at Yeroskipou sea area and it is easily accessible by car, motorcycle, bicycle and bus. Water sports and accommodation facilities are offered for rental and lifeguard services are offered with lifesaving equipment from 10:00 to 17:00. Aphrodisiac beach used to be the beach where the goddess Aphrodite had her sea baths. It is a superb beach for swimming. The clear and clean sea water make it ideal for the whole family



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