Kouklia sea view
Kouklia sea view

The village of Kouklia is a 16km distance from the city of Paphos which is situated on the west coast. Kouklia was built at an average altitude of 85m. In the costal plain of Pafos and occupies the site of ‘Palaipafos’ (old ‘Paphos). The modern name of Kouvouklia was shortened from Kouvilvikoularios meaning ‘the ownership of a property of a Byzantine officer’. Kouklia is one of the most important ancient kingdoms of Cyprus. The entire area of the community is an important archaeological region and is best known for the 6 decorated gold enamel rings dating back to the 13th Century which were discovered in a Mycenaean (ancient) tomb in 1952. In the north-east lies part of the forest of ‘Oriti’ and on the south-east lays the forest of ‘Randi’ both being within its administrative boundaries. Kouklia is surrounded by fertile land with its grapevines (both wine and table varieties), all sorts of citrus fruits, kiwis, avocados, bananas, apricots, olives, locust beans, legumes, peanuts in abundance, also a very large variety of assorted vegetables as well as the area being used for cattle farming. Today Kouklia is a thriving community, adding to the charm and beauty of this village where palm trees have been planted in the entrance of the main street, and the streets of the village are kept clean and well looked after for both residents and visitors alike allowing entrance to the central plaza where the church of Apostle and Evangelist Luke are situated. Kouklia also boasts several coffee shops and taverns that offer a variety of traditional foods and entertainment. The residents are well known for their faithfulness and respect of their religion and natural conditions of the environment. The fast growing tourist and structural development of the area, as well as the natural beauty of the region with its combination of mountains and deep blue sea give the village a richness that is hard to find elsewhere.

Places to visit in Kouklia

Sanctuary of Aphrodite/Leda and Swan mosaic

After emerging from the sea at Petra Tou Romiou (known as the sanctuary of Aphrodite) Aphrodite was brought here and a temple established dating back to the 12th century which to this day still attracts a large number of pilgrims. This is where rituals would have taken place, the Goddess is not represented in human form but by a conical stone which would have been anointed with oil, there are also buildings associated with the temple consisting of two colonnaded halls and around the court are several chambers which are a mixture of early construction and at a later date the Romans added to chambers. West of the sanctuary are Roman remains including a large Roman Peristyle house built in 1 A.D. it consisting of rooms around a colonnaded atrium containing mosaics. Also there are several other Roman houses on the site, most notably the house of Leda, containing a copy of the mosaic depicting Leda and the swan (the most famous in Cyprus) this can easily be reached by a marked path.

Petra Tou Romiou

On the south coast lies ‘Petra Tou Romiou’ this is where Aphrodite the goddess of beauty and love emerged out of the froth of the sea. With one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus with its natural splendor, where sea and mountains join. The large rock/coral reef is steeped in legend, tradition and memories. Fossils, corals and shells can all be found on the rock. ‘Petra Tou Romiou is the place that the whole of the Island associates with fertility.

Secret Valley Golf and Country Club

Opened in 1996 - the secret valley golf and country club located in the costal hills adjacent to Kouklia. Is the second grass course in Cyprus and is a firm favorite with the local golfing community. Over the coming years secret valley will be undergoing a transformation from a mere course to a fully fledged golf resort. Expansions to the resort will include two further golf courses, a nine hole pitch and putt, golf and football academy’s, tennis courts, five star hotel, health spa, retail village and 500 meters of artificial beaches with an adjacent leisure centre and much more besides,

Aphrodite Hills Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts are attracted to the world class 18 hole golf course which is the largest on the island with a 3 hole golf academy and clubhouse. Located amidst olive trees this 234 hectare Aphrodite Hills Golf Course is regarded as being the exclusive leisure, golf and property development in the Eastern Mediterranean. Located on a beautiful plateau overlooking one of the most tranquil beaches on the Island. Its land extends over two olive tree covered slopes on either side of a rugged ravine which enhances the feeling of being closer to nature. This twined with architecture designed to compliment the natural surroundings create the setting for this unique resort. Aphrodite’s Hills Golf is designed around a ‘village square’ which forms the heart of the complex and offers extensive shopping and entertainment. The taverns that are located here are known to serve some of the islands best cuisine.

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Cyprus is a full member of the European Union and a commonwealth country.  It is not a surprise that Cyprus passport is one of the strongest in the world....
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